IPL Betting Tips with High Win Percentage

Check out the Best IPL Betting Tips and Predictions below for the 2021 season. This season is going to have many easy and predictable matches, because of some weak teams with poor records and squad.

ipl logoIPL Betting is one of the most exciting options when it comes to cricket because IPL matches are very exciting as underdogs often emerge as winners. Because of this nature, bookmakers offer very high odds for almost all IPL Matches even if the outcome is very predictable. So with a strategy like Martingale, you can generate good returns by following our experts’ IPL betting tips and predictions. Make sure to have a fixed budget before you start to avoid unwanted troubles.

India, in several ways, is synonymous with diversity, Bollywood and IPL. IPL betting in India is a hot topic among the people, and it is a fast-growing industry.
Are you looking for a website that provides you with almost accurate IPL betting tips in India?

Then you have come to the right place!

The aim is NOT to sell you a fantasy– we keep it raw and honest here.

All the information related to  IPL betting tips on our website is legitimate and increases your chances of winning.

How can I deposit money on an IPL betting site?

Are you confused about how to deposit money on an IPL betting site in India?

Most of the bookmakers in India have a customer base from around the globe; therefore, they do offer different payment methods to ensure that they are not providing a hassle-free and secure payment method.

There are many bookmakers around the globe, and they are all fighting for your attention. Some of them are honest, but some are a total scam. The market is full of fraudulent and dishonest people who are right there to scam innocent beginners, and we don’t want this to happen to anybody.

You can choose a betting site by reading online reviews and see how many posts mention them.

As you can be sure that the top betting sites did not become famous by scamming innocent people
That said, below, we are mentioning popular payment methods offered by IPL betting sites in India.

  1. Online Banking Transfer
    Many betting sites in India accept bank deposits which are great news because many banks in India provide online banking features. It pays the money instantly, and there is no minimum or maximum deposit limit.
  2. A deposit via VISA or MasterCard
    VISA or MasterCard are the same things as they are available in the credit or debit card version. It is not essential whether you have a debit/credit card because both are accepted to make easy deposits.
  3. AstroPay Card
    This payment method does not require a bank account, if you want to make a bank less payment, don’t worry because we have a solution!
    If you don’t know anything about AstroPay, let us tell you that it is a prepaid card accessible for all Indians.
    It is feasible to use and works very efficiently as you have to buy your AstroPay card and pay online as per your convenience.
  4. Pay With Cryptocurrency
    A cryptocurrency is a new form of currency, and the government is still making laws for it. However, online betting sites that allow you to wager for cryptocurrency accept Bitcoin, Ripple and more.
  5. Pay With Skrill
    Skrill is an e-wallet that pretty much has been around for many years. It is a trusted brand and is 100% secure. It has just one downside that it charges a fee when you receive money. But you can deposit money without any transfer fee!
  6. Neteller
    It is just like Skrill and is owned by the same company. The downside of it is that it charges a fee whenever money enters or leaves your wallet.
  7. E-wallets
    When it comes to online payment, E-wallets have surpassed all other forms of digital payments in India. And the good news is that all the IPL betting sites in India offer one or the other kind of e-wallet payment option.


Do you think betting on cricket is fun? Have you tried betting on IPL? As it is more fun!
The whole nation gathers around their TV to support their favorite state team.

The feelings of passion and cheer fill the stadium and run high. People in India have a particular corner in their heart for cricket and love to gamble some money.

Well, if you are gambling for fun or earning some extra bucks, the first thing you have to do is create an account on a cricket betting website.

We know how frustrating online IPL betting can be for beginners. To help the newbies, we have mentioned a full-fledged beginners guide.

Pick an IPL Betting site.
Well, you cannot bet online until you choose a website!
There are many cricket and IPL betting websites in India, but all are unique in their way, given how much Indians love cricket.
Now you may ask us which one is the best? But we are going, being honest with you, as you choose a website, don’t forget to consider your preferences. For instance, deposit and withdrawal method, terms & conditions, etc.

Sign Up
To get some beginners luck and bonus in the IPL betting, don’t forget to sign up with the required information.

Get started with the IPL betting.
Now, as you have an account on the betting site, you are ready to start with the fun, i.e. betting on an IPL match.
Laying your bets on the websites is not that difficult as all you have to do is log in and find the cricket section to place the bets.

What are the different options in online IPL betting?

The best thing about online IPL betting is that you get various options to place bets. You can not only have more fun, but you can also increase your chances of winning the game!

Take a look at some of the options:

  1. To win the toss
  2. Match winner
  3. Top team batsman
  4. Match handicap
  5. 1st over total runs
  6. Top team bowler
  7. 1st over total runs
  8. Total runs in a match or over/under bet
  9. Most match sixes
  10. Fall of 1st Wicket

What types of IPL betting tips does FoxDesi provide?

FoxDesi is committed to providing genuine and raw information. We only provide IPL betting tips for the top winner and over/under runs as they have a high chance of accuracy.

ipl betting tips
They both have 2-3 types of possible outcomes and are safer to predict. Our expert team of tipsters provide 95% accurate IPL betting tips.

Why Choose FoxDesi for reliable IPL betting tips?

We know that many websites provide IPL betting tips, but there is a reason why FoxDesi stands out from the crowd.

choose foxdesi for ipl betting

And the reason is that we provide truthful information from experts.
Our experts not only watch IPL, but they live, breath and eat IPL. To make sure that you make the right decision, we share the accuracy rate of our tipsters.

We at FoxDesi do not just upload anything! First, we research, review and then put out the information.


How can I bet on the IPL?

First, you have to choose an IPL betting site, and then you have to set up an account with all the required information to enjoy some welcome bonus! Make a deposit, place your bets after considering some IPL betting tips, and you are good to go!

What are the best cricket betting sites for IPL betting in India?

With so many fishes in the sea, it is hard to pick one! There are many IPL betting sites in India, and all of them have something unique to offer. We leave it to you; it is your decision with which site you want to go to according to your preferences.

Will I get an IPL betting bonus when I sign up?

You can get your hands dirty with an IPL betting bonus on almost all betting sites. All the betting sites offer a welcome or betting bonus to nudge their players.

Who will win the IPL in 2021?

Will Chennai Super Kings take the trophy home, or Mumbai Indians will win again? Well, No one can predict the future, nor can we! However, you can increase your chances of winning the bet by placing your bets based on the IPL betting tips provided by FoxDesi.

Is it legal to bet on IPL in India?

Yes, you can bet on the IPL in India. Online betting in India is still a clouded issue, as there are no federal laws at the national level. But some states have their own set of rules. We suggest abiding by your state laws.

Can I make money by betting online on IPL?

Online gambling is a tricky business, my friend! Before you start making a considerable amount of money out of betting, you will lose many times. It will take time to get acquainted with it. That said, FoxDesi does not support the idea to make money out of online betting.

Are online IPL betting predictions accurate?

Predictions on online betting sites are accurate as they are provided by tipsters who have experience in this field. However, before trusting the predictions, don’t forget to check out whether the person providing the predictions is reliable or not.

Is it possible to bet during the live streaming of IPL?

Yes, some sites offer you to place bets during the live streaming of an IPL match. To experience the best live streaming experience, we recommend going through the online betting website reviews to be on the right side!

Is it safe to bet online on IPL?

Yes, some sites offer you to place bets during the live streaming of an IPL match. To experience the best live streaming experience, we recommend going through the online betting website reviews to be on the right side!

How can I deposit money on an IPL betting site?

Every betting site has different payment methods, but every online betting website in India makes it convenient for Indian players to deposit and withdraw money. Some websites may accept UPI, Debit & Credit card, e-wallets, internet banking as their payment mode.