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What is Neteller? It is a very common question in the gambling world. To explain in brief, it is a payment gateway that facilitates gamblers to deposit or withdraw money while participating in gambling. The second question that people often ask: Is Neteller safe?

Well, it is a safe & secure payment gateway that allows gamblers to withdraw and deposit funds in online games directly from their bank accounts. In this post, we have explained in detail about the Neteller India guide in which we have mentioned the process of withdrawal and deposit into a Neteller account to participate in online casino & sports betting in India.

It is an accepted payment gateway by almost every gambling site and it facilitates easy & secure deposit as well as withdrawal of money at any time. Read below to know how to create a Neteller account, how to use it, its fees, and also the complete guide about it.

How to Open Neteller Account Safely in India

The main part of the Neteller India guide is the process of Neteller account opening which is safe and easy for anyone. All that one needs to do is follow a few simple steps to accomplish this task.

Step 1: Signing-up with Neteller

Neteller Signup

The very first step is to click on the “Join for free tab” located on the top right side of the official Neteller website. Clicking on it will begin the start-up process.

Step 2: Fill in your details in a Register Form

Registration on Neteller

After clicking on “join for free”, you will be directed to a registration form where you need to fill in your personal details. Once you filled in details like first name, last name, E-mail address, a secret password, etc, your account will be created with immediate effect.

Step 3: Make a Money Deposit in Newly Created Account

Deposit of Money in New Account

The next step is to deposit money into a Neteller account by clicking the ‘first steps” tab on the dashboard. For this, one needs to choose the country of his residence and the currency of the account. Following this, you will be redirected to your page demanding your personal details.

Step 4: Choose the Type of Account

The next thing to do is to select whether to open a gambling account or a non-gambling account. Usually, a non-gambling account is allowed to operate and a gambling account is restricted oftentimes.

Step 5: Set Up Security Questions and Pin

Filling Security Questions & Pins

Once the money is deposited, a person needs to answer three security questions. It will come in handy in restoring an account if it gets blocked due to some reason. It is recommended to take a snapshot of three security questions with answers to remember it for sure. Along with this, a 6-digit pin needs to be selected for making transfers into the Neteller account.

Step 6: Verify Identity and Residential Address

Upload an official document to verify your identity successfully. It could be a driver’s license, International Passport, or NID. Then, you need to upload a document with a valid residential address to verify your exact residential address.

Complete Process to Deposit Money from Local Indian Bank to Neteller

There are different Neteller deposit methods that you can use to deposit money into your Neteller account easily. The popular deposit methods are bank transfer, using credit/debit cards, use of e-wallets such as Skrill and Paytm. Here, in this Neteller India guide, we will discuss the transfer of money from a local Indian bank to a Neteller account.

Depositing Money from Local Indian Bank Account to Neteller

Follow an easy three-step process to deposit money from a local Indian bank to a Neteller account. Here is a list of steps:

Signing-in Neteller for Money Deposit

  • After signing-in to your Neteller account, locate the “Money in” section on the dashboard. Now, clicking on this tab will show various deposit channels out of which you need to pick the “Local Bank Deposit” option.

Depositing Money into a Neteller Account

  • Following the first step, you need to mention the desired amount for the deposit. After confirming the transaction, a page will show up to fill in important banking information to complete the process of funds deposit from a bank account to the Neteller account.

Deposit into Neteller Account with Visa Credit

  • Banking channels such as telephone banking, online banking, or walk-in to a local bank branch are available. It is necessary to include a 12-digit Neteller ID in a banking form filling in a local bank branch. For online banking, just use Neteller as the payee under “Bill Payments”.
  • The process of bank transfer to your Neteller account will take 3-5 days to complete. It is a slow process and hence it takes some time to complete.

Neteller Withdrawal Process in Complete Detail

Withdrawals from a Neteller account can be done through many channels such as withdrawal to Indian banks, Skrill, or a merchant site. There is just a nominal Neteller withdrawal fee in this process. This Neteller India guide explains the withdrawal process in an easy way:

Money withdrawal window

  • On your Neteller account dashboard, click on the “Money Out” tab and then select “Bank Withdrawal” out of different withdrawal channels. After this, click on “continue”.

Filling Bank Account Details for Money Withdrawal

  • Fill in your bank details in capital letters and then confirm the bank.

Money Out process

  • Put in your withdrawal amount and then click on the box to agree on the terms to withdraw money. Then, complete it by clicking “withdraw now”. This completes the Neteller withdrawal process.

Money Out process window

Indian Banks Supported by Neteller

Most of the Indian banks offer support for Neteller transfers. But a few banks such as ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, HSBC, Bank of Baroda, etc. fully support Neteller transfers.

Neteller Fees

Only a small amount of fees are associated with each fund transfer and withdrawal from Neteller.

  • Neteller to Neteller Transfer – Free
  • Local Bank Transfer – 3.99% of the withdrawn amount
  • E-wallet (Skrill) – 3.99 ( in case of foreign exchange)
  • 3rd Party Merchant Site (like PayPal) – 3.99% ( in case of foreign exchange)

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