Free Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

Check out our free cricket betting tips for today and future matches. The tips mentioned below are by expert tipsters from all over the world and give you a bigger picture to make sure that you bet with high accuracy.

Cricket Betting Tips For Today & Tomorrow’s Matches

Hi cricket enthusiast, are you here to place your bets for today’s match?

Well, we have some hot cricket tips for today’s cricket matches. The tips mentioned below are carefully suggested by cricket lovers just like you and are analyzed by our trustworthy community of expert tipsters.

We hope you find some sure wins of the day using our tips.

Upcoming Cricket Matches

Here are the upcoming matches for the next few days. Most of Our tipsters do not add their predictions for these matches, and they add their predictions for matches happening today or tomorrow only.

Therefore we don’t suggest placing bets on the upcoming matches; however, you can know about the upcoming matches to be ready with your bets, when the matches are near.

Our tip: We don’t suggest placing accumulator bets until and unless your decision is backed by professional advice, as they carry some risk.

Wishing you lots of luck on your online cricket betting! We hope you win your bet as if you hit a sixer with your bat! If you want to be a part of the team, then feel free to register as a tipster.

cricket leagues covered by foxdesi for betting tips

Cricket Leagues Covered By Fox Desi

  • IPL
  • One Day Internationals
  • One Day Internationals for Women
  • Test Matches
  • T20 matches
  • ICC World Cricket League
  • Pakistan Super League
  • Bangladesh Premier League
  • Big Bash League

And the list goes on… In a nutshell, we cover all major cricket leagues of the world.

Betting Cricket Markets Provided By FoxDesi

Cricket and India share emotional ties; however, cricket is not India’s national sport, but Indians have a heartfelt sentiment for the game.

Cricket has given moments of joy, pride, and success to many countries; considering cricket’s popularity worldwide, it is understandable that people love to spin a little money around it too.

Betting in cricket is not that common in world, but still, it exists and is loved by those who do it.

If you are here to place some bets, too, then we are here for you. However we provide cricket betting tips for the following markets as they have a high chance of accuracy.

    • Over/Under
    • Outright winner

Sites we Recommend for Online Cricket Betting

Are you ready to place some bets on the most popular sport in India? If so, we have prepared a list of the best sites for online cricket betting in India.

In our quest to find the best Indian cricket betting sites, we have researched through almost all the Indian bookmakers.

Each site mentioned in the list is 100% authentic, reliable and trustworthy to place your cricket wagers.

Common Cricket Betting Mistakes to Avoid

Cricket betting is a tricky business, my friend! It can be fun and rewarding, but it comes with its own share of issues, just like any other thing.

common mistakes in cricket betting

There are some common rookie errors that you have to look out for before placing the bets.

If you are a beginner at cricket betting, it is evident that you would make some mistake.

Take a look at our guide to make sure that you avoid mistakes whilst placing cricket bets online.

  1. Placing accumulators without expert advice: It’s common for punters to place accumulator bets to gain more profit. Well, being greedy is fine until you are lusting over a piece of cake! Placing high stakes on cricket betting without any expert advice can cost you a fortune. Ensure accumulator bets after taking expert advice as they have a better knowledge of the game.
  2. Big bets are not a friend: Novices enter the world of gambling with lofty expectations as everyone wants to make quick and easy money, but the reality is slightly different. Placing big bets initially expecting high returns is unrealistic, and you are more likely to lose. Before placing big bets, make sure that you have enough knowledge of the sport.
  3. Start without a betting strategy: To make sure that you bet appropriately, make sure you know about the markets. When you quickly get acquainted with the cricket markets and how they work, you develop a better strategy to start with.  Therefore take your time to analyze and develop a strategy carefully.
  4. No backup plan to handle the losses: Nobody likes to lose, and we know that you’re placing those bets in pursuit of winning. But..But.. But.. things always don’t roll in the direction we want them to roll in. Therefore plan ahead of time and prepare a backup plan to handle the losses.
  5. Taking a loan to gamble: Are you sure enough that you will win money? Well, no! There is a good chance that you will lose the money you are gambling. Therefore, make sure you don’t start with the borrowed money. As it can develop into a hazardous vicious cycle as taking more loans will push you further into debt.
  6. Not leveraging your sign up bonus: Well, a sign-up bonus is to give you a nudge; therefore, don’t feel bad to use it while you are placing your initial bets. Sign up bonus is like beginner’s luck, don’t forget to use your luck, you may win!
  7. Betting on high-risk matches: This is the most common mistake done by the greenhorns; they risk their money on high-risk matches. We know that high-risk matches come with a high return of money, but what are the chances that you will win it? Placing a bet on such matches takes a lot of experience and discipline. Take your time to reach there and have the final laugh!
  8. Betting hastily: All the decisions taken in haste are more likely to go in vain. It is so much you need to know before putting out your money on, therefore do your research before placing your bets.
  9. Ignoring the basics: Before you get started on your cricket betting journey, make sure to know the basics. You cannot expect the building to be vital if you have a weak foundation. If you are serious about online cricket betting, make sure to learn the basics.
  10. Playing emotionally: The newbies and even veteran bettors become emotional and bet on their favorite team without analyzing the odds and stats. If you are this kind of bettor, we would suggest you stay away from gambling- because it will cost you not only money but also mental peace.

Why choose FoxDesi for Online Cricket Betting Tips?

The sound of the bat hitting the ball mixed with the gushing sound of cheers and an unexplained obsession. The spirit of cricket is celebrated around the globe.

We at FoxDesi not only love cricket but eat, sleep and breathe cricket. FoxDesi aims to match your passion for cricket by providing the best cricket betting tips for national and international tournaments.

We are a licensed company that works with experienced and trustworthy tipsters. Our tipsters give genuine predictions about the cricket matches and an in-depth analysis via our blogs to give an insight into trends clouding the betting world. With us, you will not only be playing accurately but also safely.

To make it safer, we have a feature where you can see every tipster’s accuracy level. Based on the accuracy score, you can rely on your decision.

We Have a Telegram Channel for Betting Tips

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Join our telegram group to get the latest updates on cricket betting. It is best to get notified earlier and place instant bets!

Our experienced tipsters share their valuable knowledge on current and upcoming matches to accelerate your chances to win, and you don’t want to miss out on them. Right?

Beginners step by step guide for Cricket betting in India

Betting online on cricket can be challenging for beginners. Therefore we have laid down the path for them. Fox Desi has mentioned an ultimate step-by-step guide for cricket betting in India.

Select a cricket betting site

How to select the cricket betting site that works for you? Hmm.. a barnstormer!
Well, this is the first and most crucial step to make sure that you debut safely in the betting world.

Now, FoxDesi does not believe in coming out with the best sites as every site has its features, and every bettor has its own need; therefore, we leave the choice on you!

Just remember that you go through the betting features and consider the ones that are important for you. For instance, the payment method, types of markets, cricket betting option etc.

Go for a user-friendly website. This means go with a website that is easy to sign up, deposit, place bets without any hassles.

Think about the cricket betting odds

Going for the best odds is essential when betting on cricket!
Join the website that offers the best cricket betting odds as it increases your chances of winning a higher amount.

Almost all the websites offer the same odds, but some may offer slightly big margins. You won’t become a millionaire overnight by placing bets; therefore, if you are interested in making long-term benefits from cricket betting, start scrutinizing and analyzing the odds ahead of every match.

Consider the cricket betting options.

Cricket betting options are different types of bets a bettor can place on each match.
Each player likes to bet on different combinations every time to try out new things. The most common cricket betting options are over/underscore, the man of the match, most runs out, most sixes or fours and many more.
Therefore, try betting on things you are familiar with and try a new one to explore what works for you.

Get your hands on the cricket betting welcome bonus.

You have selected the betting site and odds for yourself! Kudos!
Now, all you have to do is sign up and get your hands on the cricket betting welcome bonus to enjoy the betting.
All the websites mentioned by FoxDesi offer fantastic types of welcome bonus to welcome their new players.
Some may double your first deposit; for instance, if you deposit 5000 Rs, the cricket betting site will add 5000 Rs more, and now you have a total of 10,000 to start your cricket betting!
There are many types of welcome bonuses offered by betting websites; choose wisely.

Live betting in Cricket – How does it work?

Live betting is all about enjoying the real-time betting action. It is a rare and innovative feature offered by very websites in India.

live cricket betting in india

If you are a beginner, it is likely to feel confused about how live cricket betting works; we have mentioned a detailed note to get you started with this innovative feature.

To ease you in, the gambling process for live betting is almost the same as regular betting, so don’t stress.

How does live betting in cricket work?

Well, stating the obvious, but first, you need to know when the match starts and notice how various accepts affect the types of wagers and odds.
The in-play betting system and bookies will keep the bettor updated with the latest scores and highlights during the game.
In this way, the punter has the option to analyze everything and place his bets on it. The odds will change dynamically as the match unfolds, and the odds will depend on the current status of the match.
Also, there will be many types of exotic cricket bets available like straight wagers, etc.

Safe and Legal way to bet on cricket in India.

When it comes to online betting in India, many people get confused about the legality and safety. We understand the concern because nobody wants to get punished for having some fun!
For starters, we can tell you there are no federal laws in India that prohibit online gambling. However, a few states have their laws against online betting, and till now, there has been no case filed against someone for gambling online.
Therefore, until your state prohibits online gambling, you are free to gamble safely online.
To ensure that you are playing safely and legally online, make sure that you are betting with a site that follows local laws and regulations.

Are cricket betting tips and predictions provided by Fox Desi accurate?

Yes, tips and predictions provided by Fox Desi are accurate as we have experienced tipsters who provide 90%  precise predictions. With us, you are not likely to lose!


Are online cricket prediction sites accurate? 

Yes, online cricket betting tips and predictions provided by websites are accurate as they are backed by expert opinion. However, you have to keep in mind that your chosen website is 100% genuine and has reliable experts who have betting experience. 

Is it legal to bet online on cricket? 

Yes, online betting on cricket is 100% legal in India. As of now, no national laws are prohibiting Indians from online betting.  However, each Indian state has the liberty to formulate or restrict online betting rules. Therefore, rules may vary from state to state. 

How to make a profit in cricket betting? 

Making a profit in cricket betting requires a lot of experience, meticulous research and deep knowledge of the game. However, FoxDesi does not support online betting as a source of income. It should only be done for fun and entertainment purposes. 

How to bet online on cricket matches?

It is simple to place your bets online on cricket matches. All you have to do is go to a cricket betting site and create an account by filling in the required information. Done! You are all set to place the bets.