Telegram Betting Channels

telegram betting channels by foxdesi

We have created separate Telegram Betting Channels for Everyone’s Interest so that you can join the channel you like and avoid your inbox from being spammed every time. Details of all the channels have been described below:

1. Bonus Offers

bonus offer telegram channel

Get Free Credits to play at various betting sites. We share links to sites whenever they launch a new offer. This is especially useful if you want to switch your bookie or try out a new platform. Many platforms offer free bets worth up to $1000, which might be awesome if you want to take some fun risks without spending too much money.

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2. Weekly Mega ACCA

This where we share high-risk ACCAs, where you place a bet of $1 to $10 to get up to 100-1000$. This is very high risk and mostly for fun. Our accuracy here is 4-5%. But don’t let the low accuracy discourage you. If you follow the tips here consistently, you have to win only once. Even if you fail 20 times and lose 20$, you still have around 30-50 opportunities to recover the investment. Do not place big bets on these channels.

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soccer betting phone3. Double your Bet

We share 1-2 Easy tips every day in this telegram channel with odds between 1.2 to 1.4 with high chances of winning. We add all winnings to our next bet and bet again on easy odds. We do this process for 3 days, which is the time it takes to double our initial bet. Once we have successfully doubled, we start again. Very less risk, and more fun. This is mostly based on the football betting tips from our site using the odds for Over or Under Goals.

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4. Tipster Info

If you are a FoxDesi Tipster then this telegram betting channel might be beneficial to you. We share info and advice for our community of tipsters. We also share all rules and guidelines, every tipster must be aware of.

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We hope you join one of the above betting channels mentioned and enjoy safe and fun gambling. However, it’s important to follow the channel for a few days or weeks, before you actually participate and start following the tips. Because all these channels teach you how to deal with and recover any loss which is incurred.