What Is Over/Under Goals Betting In Football? Ultimate Guide For Beginners In 2021

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Over/Under goals betting

Over/Under goals bet is a wager in which there are only two possibilities: win or lose. This bet includes predicting a number relevant to the sport, and the bettor has to choose whether the actual number in the game will be lesser than or greater than the predicted number. 

The number to be predicted can be the score of a player, the team’s score, or the combined score of both the teams playing. You can also place an Over/Under bet on the number of corners and cards in a football game. Similarly, there are many ways of placing an Over/Under goals bet in a football match. 

For example, if you predict the total score of a team will be over 1.5 goals. If the team scores two or more goals, you will win, or if the score is one or lesser, you will lose.

It is one of the simplest and popular betting options available online. The Over/Under goals betting method is used in various sports like Cricket, Hockey, Soccer and Rugby. It is a beginner-friendly betting method for placing a single bet as compared to other complex betting methods.  

Why Is Predicted Number Taken In Halves(0.5)?

Over/Under goals are predicted in halves to eliminate the third result of a bet which is a draw. To create a bet having only two possibilities: win or lose, we have to choose a number that is not a possible game stat. For example, in cricket, it is not possible to score half runs. Similarly, in Football and Hockey, you can’t make goals in halves. 

Now the bettor has to predict whether the game’s actual stat will be lesser than or greater than the half number. As we have chosen a half number which is not a possible stat of the game.  It means the predicted number will never be equal to the actual number. Hence, there are no chances of a draw or tie. This is why we choose a number like 0.5, 1.5 or 2.5 for Over/Under betting in Football. 

How To Play Over/Under Goals Betting?

It’s effortless to play Over/Under goals betting. The only thing you need is some basic knowledge of the game, teams and the players participating in the match. Before the start of the game, the bookmaker will set a default total known as the points line. This default total will act as our predicted stat or number. Now you only need to predict whether the actual stat or number in the game will be Under(lesser) or Over(more significant) the default total. 

In general, all the bets are placed on both teams’ combined score(default total). This makes the Over/Under bet more flexible and exciting. The win or loss of the bet is independent of which team wins or loses. Hence, you no need to back any team because the result of your bet only depends on the score, not on the result of the game. 

Over/under goals betting
An illustrative example to help you understand over/under 2.5 goals betting.

Quick Points Related To Over/Under Goals Betting 

  • The Over/Under betting is also known as ‘Totals’. 
  • The bookmaker provides the default Total or Point line. 
  • The gambler can only predict whether the actual number will be greater than or lesser than the default total. 
  • Over/Under goals betting is considered the most ideal and straightforward method for every type of bettor.
  • The bettor must have some prior knowledge about the game and the participants. 
  • It is identical to a 2-way bet because there are only two possible results of an Over/Under bet. 
  • The bookmaker’s default total or points line is in halves to eliminate the third result of the bet, which is a draw. 
  • This betting method is trendy among people who like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby and other ball sports. 

How To Bet The Over/Under In Football?

The concept of Over/Under betting is also similar in Football. Here the bookmaker will set a default total based on the goals. Let’s say the default total is 2.5. Now you have to predict over/under 2.5, which means you have to either place a bet over 2.5 or under 2.5. If you place a bet on over 2.5, you will win only if the score is three or more(greater than the default total) and lose if the score is two or lesser. 

The goals scored in 90 minutes and additional time are only taken into reference. Any goal scored in extra time will not be evaluated for Over/Under betting purposes. Below we are sharing two examples that will help you understand this method more accurately. Let’s suppose the default total for the below examples is 1.5. 

Over 1.5 Goals 

In a 90-minute match with additional time and no extra time, over 1.5 goals is a bet whose result will depend on the total goal count of both teams. If the total goals of both the teams are 1 or 0, you will lose your bet, and if the total goals are two or more, you will win. 

Under 1.5 Goals 

In a 90 minute game with additional time and no extra time, under 1.5 goals is a bet whose result will also depend on both teams’ total goal count. But it is just opposite to Over 1.5 goals. If the total goals are 1 or 0, you will win, and if the goals are two or more, you will lose. 


If you are a football lover and don’t know much about betting. Then you can start with Over/Under goals betting because it is very easy to understand for beginners. This betting has only two outcomes, either a win or a loss. Basic knowledge of the game and participants is enough to place a bet.

The bookie will set a default total in halves representing the total number of goals to be scored in a football match. The punter has to predict whether the match’s actual score will be higher than or lower than this total default number. If he thinks the goals will be more than the default number, he can opt for Over; else, he can choose Under bet. If you make the correct prediction, you will win, and if the prediction is wrong, you will lose. 

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